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A Crash Course in Mixture Design of Experiments

Advance your R&D experimentation skills via this essential webinar on mixture experiments. A compelling demo lays out what makes mixture design of experiments (DOE) so effective for accelerating your formulation efforts. Discover how to:
• Identify key characteristics leading to a mixture experiment
• Use mixture DOE to create optimal formulations
• Map out your sweet spot with graphical tools

The fuel provided in this 1-hour webinar will kick-start your first formulation designed experiment.

Price: Free

Deploying DOE to Predict Process Performance

Design of experiments (DOE) is a tried-and-true, multifactor quality tool for identifying key process drivers. This webinar demonstrates how to deploy DOE to create reliable prediction models. Similar in concept to estimating the power of a design, prediction precision becomes the key evaluation statistic. A case study demonstrates how to confirm that a particular design will provide the desired results - more reliable process settings.

Price: Free

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