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New-User Intro to Design-Expert Software

Richard Williams, Stat-Ease Consultant, will detail what design of experiments (DOE) can do for you when catalyzed with Design-Expert's world-class statistical tools. Learn about factorial design, the core tool for DOE, followed by a peek at response surface methods (RSM) for process optimization and last, but not least, a look into mixture design for optimal formulation. Whether you want to do more with Design-Expert as a current user, or need a better tool for doing DOE, or enlightenment as to what these powerful multifactor-testing methods can do for you, this free webinar will be of great benefit.


Leading-Edge Experiment Design for Aerospace

Via a series of case studies, this webinar demonstrates multifactor testing tools for aerospace R&D. See how Design-Expert empowers experimenters to quickly converge on the “sweet” spot—factor settings that meet all specifications. Engineers and scientists working in the aircraft, space and defense industries will do well by attending this briefing on design of experiments for screening and characterization, response surface methods for optimization (e.g., wing design), and mixture design for optimal formulation (e.g., composites).


DOE Crash Course for Experimenters

Step up your design of experiments (DOE) know-how via this essential briefing on this multifactor-testing tool. A quick demo lays out what makes statistical DOE so effective for accelerating R&D. Discover how:
• Traditional one-factor-at-a-time scientific methods fall flat
• DOE will find your vital few factors and reveal breakthrough interactions
• To strategically choose the right design at just the right time
• Graphical tools point out the right directions and map out your sweet spot
The fuel provided in this 1-hour webinar will kick-start your first designed experiment. Get up to speed, enroll now!

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Course registration is binding. Upon cancellation more than 8 working days before the course start date, we invoice 50% of the course fee. Upon cancellation less than 8 working days before the course start date, we invoice the full course fee. Click here to read the full Terms and Conditions!