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Webinar: How MOMA Therapeutics Drives World Class Lead Discovery In The Cloud

July 12 : 17:00 - 18:00 CEST


In this fact-filled session we will hear from “both sides of the house” – first from an innovative information technology leader and then a senior scientist who uses the solutions provided by IT. Kate Hardy of MOMA was tasked with finding the right solution to meet scientists’ need for insight into sequence activity relationships. She will explain the requirements she faced and her decision making process  Then, Arman Aksoy, a senior computational biologist,  will speak to how the new solution is meeting the needs of scientific teams who are working on developing the next generation of precision medicines by targeting the molecular machines that underlie human disease. To conclude, PerkinElmer’s Dr. David Gosalvez will expand on how MOMA Therapeutics’ biotech solution is applicable to the needs of other biotechnology startups.

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