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TDD with Delphi

October 5 : 09:00 - October 6 : 16:00 CEST

7950 SEK/NOK + moms
Delphi Logo Course

This 2-day training offers a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to evolutionary design, clean code and unit testing.

TDD for Delphi explores the foundations of TDD, unit testing, automated refactoring and improving the design of legacy code with the help of various patterns, strategies, tools and techniques using Delphi.


Dates and location:
October 5-6, 2021


7.950 NOK/SEK or 800 Euro (+VAT)
For participants outside the Nordics we charge in Euro.

Goals and Benefits

Test-Driven Development is a process in which the developer will write a test before writing the code. This process will force the developer to take care in thinking what is the code to be tested actually going to do, as well as giving the developer a means to refactor the code assured that the code will not break.

This two-day course will introduce you to the concepts of Test Driven Development, the cycle of writing tests, writing code, refactoring and retesting. During the two days we will go through various concepts and tools that will assist you in writing fast and robust code.
• Clean Code
• Unit testing
• Mocks – Stubs
• Dependency Injection
• Code decoupling
• Model – View – ViewModel
• Refactoring
Various tools will be used to assist. As example
• TestInsight
• DUnit / DUnit 2 / DUnitX

Learning Outcomes
• Understand the thought process and steps involved during a typical test-driven session.
• Drive the development (design and implementation) of a User Story using unit tests.
• Discover improved confidence and increase in development speed by writing automated tests first!
• Learn various automated refactoring techniques and strategies to carefully clean the identified code smells.
• Practice key techniques to break coupling between classes and micro-test each component independently.
• Incrementally transform complex and difficult classes into readable, well-structured, and well-designed code, while keeping them running at all times

Audience/Participants/Previous knowledge
The target for this course is developers who want to learn more about TDD and also develop robust code. The attendees should have a working knowledge of development with Delphi

Practical Exercises
Throughout the course, there will be a mix of theoretical teaching (projector and whiteboard) and practical exercises, with as much hands-on as possible. The course material is written in English. The course is held in English.

The course is created and held by Jens Fudge. Jens has more than 20 years of experience of Delphi and arranging the training. Due to his deep knowledge within Delphi, he has been promoted to be Delphi MVP by Embarcadero. Jens is on the board of the Danish Delphi users group Dapug, and in charge of getting speakers to the bi-annually Workshop.

Q&A about our Online Courses due to COVID-19

Why doesn´t Alfasoft offer Delphi classroom training at the moment?
Due to circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we have decided to convert upcoming scheduled Delphi classroom courses into online courses.

Do I need any prior knowledge to participate? Do I receive any documentation or continued support after the course?
Before the course starts, you will receive training material via email in PDF format. The documentation describes each step through the course and is very useful to have also after the training. After the online training, you will have the opportunity to ask questions to Alfasoft and the teacher Jens Fudge, up to one month after the training to receive continued support with your Delphi development.

Is it the same content on the online course and the scheduled physical course?
The course content is the same, with a course leader leading and guiding you during the day, and you will learn the same thing on both versions of the course. The only difference is that the online course structure is adapted for a digital course experience. The adaption means that, for example, all exercises have a format optimized for doing online.

Can I ask questions to the course leader and other participants during the online course?
You can ask questions to the course leader before, during, and after the course. You also have the opportunity to interact with other participants during the session.

What equipment is required of me to be able to participate in the distance course?
All that is required is that you have access to a computer, mobile, or tablet with a good internet connection and headphones. It is also desirable that you can sit undisturbed. You will need to have a preinstalled Delphi 10.X license installed on your local machine (can be an evaluation license). You do not need to preinstall any other programs; instead, you connect to the video platform GoToWebinar – which is the software that will be used – via a link that we send to you by email before the course starts.

What happens if I am not happy with the distance course?
If you are not satisfied with the distance course, we offer you the opportunity to participate in a future possibility of the classroom version if the training is arranged as a classroom training in 2021 – at no extra cost.

Is there any difference in price for attending a distance course compared to an onsite course?
For our online courses, we offer a reduction of the course fee with 20% compared to a scheduled classroom class.

What participants say about the training:

“Good course for you who wants to enhance quality in your applications”.
Roland Bengtsson System developer at Attracs, Finland

“Presenter was superbly good and clear, very good lecturer. I would attend to any course of Jens Fudge, on any topic”.

“Den här kursen om testdriven utveckling svarade väl upp på mina förväntningar och jag kan varmt rekommendera den. Kunnig kursledare, bra temp och bra omfattning eftersom den också inkluderade tekniker såsom code injection, mock, spring4d, mvvm, decoupling etc.”
-Rickard Engberg, senior utvecklare på Handelsbanken

“Utmärkt kurs och kursledare”



October 5 : 09:00 CEST
October 6 : 16:00 CEST
7950 SEK/NOK + moms
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Jens Fudge

Event Conditions

Course registration is binding. Upon cancellation more than 8 working days before the course start date, we invoice 50% of the course fee. Upon cancellation less than 8 working days before the course start date, we invoice the full course fee. Click here to read the full Terms and Conditions!