Stata 15
The complete package for data analysis, data management and graphics

Stata 15 box

Stata is a complete and powerful statistical package that is intended for researchers in all disciplines. With Stata, you get everything you need in one comprehensive package with no annual licensing fees. Thanks to Stata easy to use environment, which is built around the concept of point-and-click, intuitive command language and online help; you will quickly be able to start using this advanced tool. All analysis and results can then be reproduced and documented for your publications.

In Stata, you have hundreds of statistical tools and methods available. These include everything from basic to advanced statistical methods and analysis. Stata also contains a wide range of commands for handling data files and large data sets. You will also find many useful methods to produce graphs and statistical charts of high quality, which you can directly use in your publications and articles.

Stata is available for Windows, Mac and Unix / Linux.

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