SigmaPlot 14
The standard for publication ready graphing and statistical data analysis

SigmaPlot 14 box

SigmaPlot is the most advanced graphing and statistical analysis software. Sigma Plot has long been the industry standard in the scientific and engineering community. SigmaPlot is also recognized as one of the easiest to use tools; creating mixed graphs and chart types, e.g. staples and line, broken axis and advanced 2D and 3D graphs and charts.

Get access to over 100 of the most frequently used statistical functions for analyzing your data. With easy-to-use, step-by-step-guided statistical analysis for scientists who are not statisticians, advanced statistics has never been easier. More and more researchers and engineers realize that with SigmaPlot you have everything you need to present your data professionally.

  • More than 100 2D and 3D graph types
  • Regression analysis and curves, standard curves, binding of ligands, stability tests (shelf-life), survival analysis (Kaplan-Meier and Cox),  ROC curves, etc.
  • Integration with Microsoft Excel
  • Automation of complex routine tasks
  • Enzyme Kinetics and Electrophysiology modules

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