Scientific Notebook 6
Powerful mathematical CAS system for Windows and Mac

Scientific Notebook 6 boxshot

Scientific Notebook is a powerful mathematical word processing system that facilitates teaching, learning, exploring, and communicating mathematics. Scientific Notebook 6 gives you a choice of operating systems: Windows® or OS X®. The embedded MuPAD 5® computer algebra engine allows the user to perform computations on the screen, and to print them out correctly formatted. There is no complex syntax to master to be able to evaluate, simplify, solve, or plot mathematical expressions. You can compute symbolically or numerically, integrate, differentiate, and solve algebraic and differential equations.

With Scientific Notebook 6 you can create two-dimensional and three-dimensional plots in many styles and coordinate systems, and enhance the plots with background color, grid lines, and plot labels in specified locations and orientations.

Scientific product editions:

  • Scientific Workplace includes advanced scientific word processing with LaTeX and integrated calculation engine.
  • Scientific Word includes advanced scientific word processing with LaTeX, but no integrated calculation engine.
  • Scientific Notebook includes integrated calculation engine, but no advanced scientific word processing with LaTeX.

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